Welcome to my African Adventures!


Karma Chameleons

Chameleons come in all shapes and sizes, depending on where they…
Lesser bushbabies

Livin’ on the Edge!

lesser bushbabies, part of the lemur/galago family, are small…
hunting dogs

Painted Hunting dogs

Painted Dogs, or African Wild Dogs are excellent hunters. Their…

Painted Reed Frog

Reed Frogs are a species of a type of treefrog in Southern…

Little Bee-Eaters

Aptly named Little Bee-eaters are the smallest in the species.…
Charging bull elephant

Paradise Charge

Elephant bulls are notorious for charging as an intimidation…
study of giraffe baby

Young Giraffe

The young of giraffe enter the world from about 6 foot in…
Elephant on the scent of water

Giraffe Munchies

Giraffe eat leaves, and so to beat the competition, as it…
greater flamingos

Fantastic Flamingos

Flamingos are found wherever their food source is found,…
Crowned Cranes

Southern Crowned Cranes

Crowned cranes are extremely attractive birds, found in dry…
Rosy cheeked Lovebirds


Lovebirds are small parrots, about 15cm from beak to tail…
painted dogs

Wary Wild Dogs

The Wild Dogs of Africa are one of the original dog species,…
guinea fowl fluffing their wings


Helmeted Guinea fowl are very comm0n in Africa, and can often…
Bored baboons

Watching Cricket

Very human expressions and habits make baboon fun to watch…
Ground Hornbills

Not in front of the Guests!

Ground Hornbills are able to fly,despite their large size,…
Charging Elephant

Zambezi Express

This herd of charging elephant are actually charging towards…
Herd of buffalo

Make way!

Cape Buffalo, Africa's notorious bovine beast. This animal…
white backed pelicans, on the move


White backed Pelicans migrate regionally within Southern…
Elephant on the scent of water

The Hot Dry Time

Elephants live in a matriarchal society, meaning they are…