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Ground foraging

vervet monkeys on the run

Monkeys forage for food almost all day long

Vervet monkeys are the most common monkey in Southern Africa, and although they roost in trees at night, they spend a lot of their day time hours on the ground, looking for food. They are omnivores, and will eat almost anything, from fruit and grass shoots to small lizards and birds. My family had a pet monkey (common in Africa, but not always a successful relationship), for about 20 years. He was given a diet of gooseberry jam on bread, peanuts, chopped fruit, egg and often a forbidden piece of chocolate, from my dad. He also ate, illegally, oil paints, battery acid, baby chicks or goslings (on the hoof), imported chocolates and sweets, and my mums best flowers. Its a wonder he lived as long as he did, and we always will wonder how long he would of lived, if he had not eaten that battery acid and had rotten teeth from the chocolate.