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Fast Guineas

Helmeted guinea fowl are one of Southern Africas most common game birds, but they are full of character and beautiful to look at. These guinea fowl were chasing one another on the Elephant Hills Golf Course, in Victoria Falls, but as numerous as they are, they are not considered ‘hazards’, not when the course is […]

Spotted Hyena Teens

Hyena are, contrary to widely held beliefs, very affectionate, family orientated and brave animals. They are not just mere scavengers, but organised hunters who are also opportunists and have found a niche in the scavenger market! They have very complex family lives, and live in ‘clans’ with a matriarchal structure. The females are actually larger […]

Poultry with Pizazz

Ostrich are the worlds largest bird, and the worlds largest flightless bird. They can run extremely fast though, and on close inspection their thighs look like giant chicken drumsticks. As one can imagine, with all that running, they are not very tender drumsticks…

Kalahari Zebra

Zebra are herd animals, and here they can be seen running across a dry landscape. This painting was inspired by the Kalahari Desert and the Magkadikadi pans, where one of the largest migrations of zebra and wildebeest in Africa occurs. As with all migrations, the movement of the animals is governed by the coming of […]

Young Elephants

Young elephant are notoriously playful, naughty and cute. A bit like a toddler really. They don’t know what their trunks are for yet, so they just swing them around like they are an accessory. Their feet look too big for them, their ears are all over the place and they love to rough and tumble […]