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Painted Hunting dogs

hunting dogs

hunting hunting dogs

Painted Dogs, or African Wild Dogs are excellent hunters. Their tactic is to hunt in packs, splitting up and surrounding their prey after it has been singled out, and then basically chasing it until it is exhausted. They are infamous for their way of practically eating their prey alive, but life in the african bush is harsh, and animals do what they have to in order to survive.

Wary Wild Dogs

painted dogs

painted hunting dogs

The Wild Dogs of Africa are one of the original dog species, along with wolves and ethiopian wolves. They are not domestic dogs gone feral as it is commonly believed. These dogs have a highly successful hunting technique, but due to their social structure of only the alpha male and female in a pack mating, they cannot breed fast enough, therefore the animals are endangered as their territories are shrinking and competition with humans puts them in the back seat. They are gregarious, energetic and sociable. Every dog has a totally unique pattern on their bodies so identifying an individual is possible.