Apparently one of the largest national parks in Africa, it comes at number 5 if you google it…

Fast Guineas

running guinea fowl

Helmeted guinea fowl are one of Southern Africas most common game birds, but they are full of character and beautiful to look at. These guinea fowl were chasing one another on the Elephant Hills Golf Course, in Victoria Falls, but as numerous as they are, they are not considered ‘hazards’, not when the course is full of warthogs, baboons, antelope and the occasional croc or buffalo…

Poultry with Pizazz

dancing ostriches

dancing ostriches

Ostrich are the worlds largest bird, and the worlds largest flightless bird. They can run extremely fast though, and on close inspection their thighs look like giant chicken drumsticks. As one can imagine, with all that running, they are not very tender drumsticks…


South american birds

Scarlet macaws

Macaws are not indigenous to Africa, and come from South America. I was inspired to paint them just because of their vibrant colours and felt like doing something tropical and different. I don’t know anything about them!

Black Shouldered Kites

Black shouldered Kites


Black shouldered kites are smallish raptors, and are fairly common resident birds. They can be seen usually sitting in a prominent position, like an electric line or a single tree, so that they have a ‘birds eye view’ of the ground below, and will fall down from above onto an unsuspecting rat or lizard. They are very attractive little birds, and its always a pleasure to see them hovering over the ground in anticipation of the kill they are about to make.