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Black Shouldered Kites

Black shouldered kites are smallish raptors, and are fairly common resident birds. They can be seen usually sitting in a prominent position, like an electric line or a single tree, so that they have a ‘birds eye view’ of the ground below, and will fall down from above onto an unsuspecting rat or lizard. They […]

Palm Stampede

Roaming herds of buffalo wander around Southern Africa, and like all large herds of grazers, their movements are governed by supply and demand of grazing and water. These herds are not as common as they once were, unfortunately, and are mainly enclosed within the protective walls of a National Park or Reserve. One year may […]

Ground foraging

Vervet monkeys are the most common monkey in Southern Africa, and although they roost in trees at night, they spend a lot of their day time hours on the ground, looking for food. They are omnivores, and will eat almost anything, from fruit and grass shoots to small lizards and birds. My family had a […]

Karma Chameleons

Chameleons come in all shapes and sizes, depending on where they live. desert chameleons in Nambibia are some of the largest around, and certainly the largest I have seen. These chameleons are a ‘no name brand’, straight out of my imagination!

Livin’ on the Edge!

lesser bushbabies, part of the lemur/galago family, are small nocturnal primates. They are very agile, and literally bounce around like small furry ping pong balls. Their senses are very acute, and they dine on insects mainly.