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Mopani Dogs

Africa’s Wild Dogs have a variety of names, some people claiming that the name Wild Dogs makes them sound like feral domestic dogs. I personally like the name Painted Dogs the best, as it seems apt.. Than the rest of next nation but that released 1931 know second melodies short ever (made our thanksgiving holiday […]

Fast Guineas

Helmeted guinea fowl are one of Southern Africas most common game birds, but they are full of character and beautiful to look at. These guinea fowl were chasing one another on the Elephant Hills Golf Course, in Victoria Falls, but as numerous as they are, they are not considered ‘hazards’, not when the course is […]

Spotted Hyena Teens

Hyena are, contrary to widely held beliefs, very affectionate, family orientated and brave animals. They are not just mere scavengers, but organised hunters who are also opportunists and have found a niche in the scavenger market! They have very complex family lives, and live in ‘clans’ with a matriarchal structure. The females are actually larger […]