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The Lorax (funny orange doctor seuss character with the voice of Danny Devito), was absolutely right about the trees.
Tamryn Pohl


Apparently one of the largest national parks in Africa, it comes at number 5 if you google it...

Art Exhibition Dec 2020

2020 hasn't been a 'normal' year for anyone in the world. Unless…
Painted hunting dogs

Mopani Dogs

Africa's Wild Dogs have a variety of names, some people claiming…

Fast Guineas

Helmeted guinea fowl are one of Southern Africas most common…
young hyena

Spotted Hyena Teens

Hyena are, contrary to widely held beliefs, very affectionate,…
dancing ostriches

Poultry with Pizazz

Ostrich are the worlds largest bird, and the worlds largest flightless…
Zebra in a stormy landscape

Kalahari Zebra

Zebra are herd animals, and here they can be seen running across…
Young elephants

Young Elephants

Young elephant are notoriously playful, naughty and cute. A bit…
Market to home

Shopping Ladies

On the beach in Mozambique you can sit and watch the world go…
getting prepared for the day ahead

Breakfast Monkeys

Monkeys rise with the sun and go to bed with the sun. They are…
South american birds


Macaws are not indigenous to Africa, and come from South America.…
Black shouldered Kites

Black Shouldered Kites

Black shouldered kites are smallish raptors, and are fairly common…
Hwange National Park

Palm Stampede

Roaming herds of buffalo wander around Southern Africa, and like…
vervet monkeys on the run

Ground foraging

Vervet monkeys are the most common monkey in Southern Africa,…